Bachelor Party Shirts

Bachelor party t-shirts can be a fun way to create a memorable night out of any bachelor party.
The Roulette Shirt comes with two games that can turn a bachelor party into a unique event that everyone will remember.

The Roulette Shirt™ = bachelor party games + t-shirt + 50 game stickers


Bachelor party game 1: The Wingman™

The Roulette Shirt™ comes with 50 stickers to use while playing The Wingman.


Assign numbers 1 to 36 to different people in your bachelor party and stick the numbered sticker on them so they don’t forget. During the night any member of the bachelor party can ask a stranger to pick a number on The Roulette Shirt. Whoever’s number that person picked has to either buy the stranger a shot or have a drink with them.


Optional: have the stranger mark off the number they picked and write/draw something on The Roulette Shirt.

Bachelor party game 2: Sociable Roulette™

The Roulette Shirt™ bachelor party t-shirt comes with a rule book that can be used while playing Sociable Roulette.


Sociable Roulette is played similar to the card games Ring of Fire, Sociables and Kings but by using numbers on The Roulette Shirt instead of playing cards.

The bachelor wears The Roulette Shirt and throughout the night friends and strangers take turns picking numbers on the shirt. Each number corresponds to a game or rule that must be done.

Example rule: Write something on The Roulette Shirt without using your hands.


Bachelor party t-shirts don’t always have to be boring. Make your bachelor party memorable and different with The Roulette Shirt.

Shirt on game on.

WARNING: Drink responsibly and legally.

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