Extended Rules

Sociable Roulette™ is one of the wildest games to play while wearing The Roulette Shirt™. The Roulette Shirt has 36 numbers on it each associated with 36 rules. Use the 36 rules from the rule book supplied with your purchase, make up your own rules, or try some of these:


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– Write something on the shirt without using your hands

– Keep your hand raised until you get 10 high-fives from ten different people

– Do a dare that the shirt wearer decides


– Order a “Sloppy Kiss”. Take whatever they give you

– Drink a full drink shot-by-shot

– Use your shoe as a cup holder and finish a full drink

– Sit on the floor and finish a full drink

– Finish a full drink without touching it with your hands


– Put your pants/shorts on backwards for the rest of the night

– Do a 649 shot. Choose the bottle 6th from the right, 4th from the left and 9th from the right and combine them into a shot.

– Draw some fake money on a paper and try to buy a drink with it

– Put a cup of ice down your pants

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